Grand Theft Auto: iFruit for Android

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Discover a limited world of GTA V on the move

iFruit is a companion app for GTA V that allows you to tweak a few elements of your in-game experience while on the move (and also offers a shortcut to some of Rockstar's social features). So - whether you are boosting cars, knocking off a liquor store, or just on your way to work - you can always be improving your status in the city of Los Santos.

Poor beginning

It’s fair to say that your first moments with iFruit will be the most disappointing. Starting the faux smartphone OS, you are greeted with a wall of icons from which to choose. Excitingly, these include options such as GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, though clicking of any of these just takes you to the Google Play Store to purchase the apps. To me, this feels a bit shameless - especially having just bought GTA V which should offer me enough content for months to come.

This unnecessariness aside, iFruit offers two features of note. The first of these is the LS Customs, an app that lets you access your local Los Santos car garage to pimp your digital ride. Here you can create custom number plates, and repaint or tune each of the three main characters’ cars. It is not exactly the most involved in-game activity, but it does provide a way for you to remain connected and get some busy work done.

Simulated walkies while walking

iFruit's other main function is Chop the dog, a trainer program for Franklin's in-game pooch. Joyously inept, you must train the overzealous hound in a similar way to Nintendogs or Pou – the only difference is that Chop is more willing to mate/fight with other creatures he stumbles across than his more twee alternatives.

Like these other virtual pets you must train, feed, water, and clean up after the witless Rottweiler. These are all quite rudimentary, but will keep you busy. The real highlight though is when you take Chop for a walk and enter a fun (if limited) mini-game. Here you must guide your over-enthused pup around the park avoiding other dogs to ensure no... incidents. All you have to do to achieve this is trace lines to guide your pet around, but it is a bit more involved than the rest of the app.

Just about okay

As a free companion to your GTA V experience you may find some use to iFruit, but don’t expect much from its limited and superficial functions.


  • GTA V mobile companion app
  • Two apps in one
  • Keeps you a little connected on the move


  • Only works well with a permanent internet connection
  • Not much to either element
  • Aggressive/misleading product placement

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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.8
  • (91)
  • Security Status

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